Parent Teacher Fellowship

WCA  Parent Teacher Fellowship   2018-2019

Join our 2018-1019 PTF team this year!

Choose to be a ROOM PARENT or a PARTY PLANNER!

This is a fabulous way to get involved, be creative, and make a positive impact on your child’s year!
(It’s also a great way to meet your required 15 service hours!)

PTF meets the second Tuesday of the month at the party room in the Wave from 8:30am-9:30am.


ROOM PARENT: Coordinates the following evens with classroom parents.

Wednesday Lounge:  Every Wednesday your child’s teacher will be relieved by a parent, so she/he can have lunch with colleagues.  Approximate time: 1150am- 12:30pm (varies by class).  Parents are invited to read a story or visit with the kids. (Assigned Parents are free to order a hot lunch for themselves for this day as well.)

Teachers’ Lounge:  Once a year, each class is asked to coordinate a lunch for the teaching staff.   This can be split up between families…drinks, sandwiches, chips, salad, and dessert.  Lunch should be laid out by 11:45am.

PARTY PLANNER:  Coordinates the following events with classroom parents.

Holiday Feasts/Celebrations:  Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine Feasts, etc. will be celebrated in the classrooms.  Coordinate with your teacher about the plans and solicit help from the classroom parents.

Teacher Birthday:  Send out an email reminder to parents when your teacher has her/his birthday and another one during teacher appreciation week to help your teacher feel loved and appreciated.


Thank you for helping all of our awesome teachers feel loved and appreciated!
Feel free to ask for help!


PTF Board

Katy Krezowski, President

Jessica Burks, Vice-President

Kristina Adams, Secretary

Annie Hall, Secretary

Audrey Oglesby, Treasurer